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I need help removing the ‘Powered by WordPress / Academica WordPress Theme by WPZOOM’ message from the bottom of the Academica WordPress theme on my installation. The only problem is that Academica is not like most WordPress themes in how it displays this message; the code to display the message is actually in its functions.php and not in styles.css or anything similar. If I’m not mistaken, that means I can’t use a child theme to correct this, right? How can I remove this message?

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Student Rooms To Rent In Stoke On Trent

Student housing is provided at Fourth Street Commons, and transportation is provided to and from the center. Each student will have their own bedroom, and bathroom. In addition to being fully furnished, each unit will contain dishes, glassware, cooking utensils, and a flat screen TV.

The student housing complex includes several study rooms, and a 24/7 computer lab which offers free printing. Other amenities include a large gym, an out door pool, a recreation room complete with TV’s and a pool table, as well as a convenient store that is open 24/7!

The facility is located just a few short blocks from the Florida International University Campus!

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MemberHub Review Massive Bonus And Discount

In this day and age, modern businesses can’t go without software to help perform many of the day to day tasks that are required. Software, for many businesses, makes the difference between their competitors and how they dominate the market. If you want to gain a competitive edge, just read on. The following is a guide to the top free apps for small business owners that they can try for free this year.

Free Apps For Small Business Owners

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Best Moving Company In Maryland

We have all of the services you need to do it right.

storage•  A free in home survey tells you the exact amount of space you need.
•  Our packing service ensures all your pictures and breakables are properly prepared.
•  Have an expensive leather sofa that needs special care?  We professionally wrap it in your home and it will stay wrapped until it reaches your new home.
•  Our friendly moving crews will impress you with their experience, efficiency and care.
•  Insurance options. You have them and we will explain them to you.

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Shirts And Things | Popular Shirts

I am using the Pinboard theme. I would like to remove the “About” subtitle that appears on my home page, but I still want the subtitles to appear on all the other pages. I would also like to remove the “powered by wordpress” in the footer.

I am not a programmer. I tried playing with the code in the “footer.php” file and the index.php files to remove these two things, but don’t know enough about coding to remove the correct info. It’s not working for me. Could someone help me with this?

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